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Alert system on the latest information on regulatory requirements for international trade The WTO manages trade agreements in the world and is obliged to notify other countries about changes in trade regulations. The issue with the so-called trade notifications is their timely distribution to all WTO members. The WTO has all the information in place […]

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A network of web portals for the Royal Dutch Transport organization The Royal Dutch Transport organization (Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer, KNV) is the umbrella organization for companies that offer bus, taxi, healthcare, public, and rail freight transportation services. KNV used to have six different sites, each with its own design and custom CMS which was hard

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An integrated digital personal environment for education Founded in 1986, the RINO is the Amsterdam based national organization for continuing education and training in the field of mental health. The need for a new website coincided with the corporate style revamp. Next to visual enhancements the goal was to improve search and order processes of

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Trading solar energy platform for individuals, companies and small energy producers As an innovative energy company, Alliander stimulates the use of solar energy by small companies and individuals. Normally unused energy is released to the grid of the energy company at a standard price per Kwh. Alliander wanted to learn if it is feasible to

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A global web infrastructure for leading herd improvement company CRV is one of the leading herd improvement companies in the world that provides expertise and online tools to help farmers improve their herds and business operations. In 2014, Up2 was chosen as the IT partner to rebuild the new web application for the Dutch and

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Central Place to manage your scientific interests Elsevier is the leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical content. In 2018 the new GDPR law pushed organizations towards a standard and unified way of managing the data, consent, and preferences of their users. The transition was a massive undertaking for Elsevier as an international organization with

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Unique auctioning and booking site for hotel rooms Hotelarious was a new concept to create a safe online marketplace for hotel rooms, where hotel operators and consumers could negotiate and settle a price. Unlike normal hotel booking sites, with Hotelarious a consumer could bid on a number of rooms. If one of the hotel operators

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Patient and Trip Management System for the Dutch Ambulance Services In 2011, to meet the changing business requirements, Dutch Ambulance Services in Amsterdam and 6 other regions, needed a more advanced business system to support the complex patient and financial workflow of the emergency trips. Together with our partner Navara we built an integrated platform

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Gateway for two-way vehicle communication Greenwheels is the largest car-sharing corporation in the Netherlands and operates also in Germany. As part of their Fleet Sharing Platform for Greenwheels, we developed and supported a vehicle communication gateway. The gateway provides a generic interface between a vehicle for car-sharing and renting scenarios and various other business systems.

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Onshore real-time monitoring Damen is an international shipyard group. To improve their service proposition for shipowners, Damen needed a ships’ real-time information onshore. We used Maplese, our framework to implement a remote monitoring solution for their yacht support vessel – the “Game Changer”. The solution tracked the ship location, together with information from its vital

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