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Why Up2 technology

We are looking for junior Android developers that love coding but are also proactive, motivated and with good command of English to help us with the challenges we face in building high-performant, large user base mobile apps for mobility and transportation services.

Our software engineers are shaping concepts into successful software solutions. We are critical on quality and proud of our work. We trust, respect, and learn from each other. We work with modern technologies and constantly sharpen our skills. We encourage an open, informal work culture where everyone feels comfortable and at home.

We trust our talented and creative people to deliver without constantly watching over their shoulders. In a dynamic industry like software development, we are proud to have colleagues that have been with us for more than a decade, because we take care for everyone in the team, just like one would do for their friends and family.

We will be happy to welcome you to our team if you:

  • Research or know what tooling to use to get from A to B
  • Have some technical hands-on experience developing Android applications with Kotlin using navigation components
  • Have experience using git
  • Know what Dependency Injection and Data Binding are
  • Have experience with OOP
  • Care about user interaction, usability and making the interface beautiful
  • Are familiar with consuming RESTful APIs and other web services
  • Have experience in integrating third party SDKs and crash reporting tools
  • Write and speak English fluently
  • Communicate your ideas and opinion on UX, technology choices, and project approach

Do NOT worry if you do not know:

  • SOLID and OOP principles by heart
  • Design patterns
  • Agile – SCRUM, Kanban, etc.
  • JIRA, Time reporting tools, CI/CD tools, etc.

But it will be great if you are the one who:

  • Know what Gitflow workflow is
  • Know about and have used MVVM
  • Is not afraid to use the command line
  • Have submitted apps to Google Store
  • Is enthusiastic to break new frontiers and dedicated and proactive to achieve common goals
  • Likes the challenge of joining a startup team in an established company
  • Will help us create a great working environment, development, testing, building, bundling, submitting, monitoring, and supporting innovative mobile mobility apps that can improve environment and change the way people commute and travel

Are you interested?

Send us an together with your resume and maybe a short motivation.

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